Sep 1, 2018 – some liftin’

So, after the docs reviewsr my shoulder MRI, it looks like I’ve torn my left rotator cuff.  So, nothing like a few adversities to make things interesting!

Today I did a little bit of lifting to keep things interesting, but couldn’t do my normal routine due to the shoulders.  Also found out I’m super weak as well 🙁 … Due to the extreme inactivity and weight (muscle) loss.  Ugh.

  • 8×10 bench press
  • 4×12 assisted pull ups
  • 4×8 dumbbell rows
  • 4×12 dumbbell curls
  • 4×12 tricep push downs
  • 5×8 barbell shrugs
  • 4×10 butterfly machine
  • 8 round tabata on assault bike