Sep 4-6, 2018 – Recovery

OK, squats was a bit too much with the PCT. The pain in my abdomen (which I assume was directly related to the bracing required for squats and deads) was through the roof. To the point that Monday night (the workout was Monday morning) I could barely walk home, and when I got home, I collapsed in bed and didn’t move until the next day. The next day (Tuesday the 4th) wasn’t too much better. Lots of Tylenol was required throughout the day and night. By Wednesday (the 5th) the pain had subsided enough that I was walking about without constantly wincing. Now it’s Thursday (the 6th) and I’m almost completely recovered.

In the meantime I have been in communications with MD Anderson and was told their “workout” means “cardio”, not weightlifting. It’s funny how many definitions of working out there are 😉 So … I’ve learned my lesson and will be doing a bit more cardio until this tube is removed from my abdomen.

Today’s workout (Sep 6, 2018):

  • Walk home from work … (I know, maybe I’m taking it ‘too easy’?)