Oct 11, 2018 – workouts this week

Feeling better by the week … I’ve only had a couple of digestive episodes and my gut/abdomen seem to be healing up quite nicely now.  My workouts this week below.

  • Walk to the gym (1.4km) at a brisk pace
  • Tabata (20s:10s), 8 rounds
    • Airsquats / DB Thrusters
    • Plank / Hollow holds (one leg resting, going easy on abdomen)
    • Lunges / Burpees (they’re a bit slow, but doable)
  • 4 Sets of bro lifting
    • Day 1
      • DB Curls
      • Tricep extensions
    • Day 2
      • Bench press / Behind the neck barbell strict press (done very slowly, rehabbing torn rotator cuff, yay)
      • DB Rows
      • Single leg DB deadlifts
  • Walk back to the house (2.6km) at a brisk pace

Peace and Love everyone!