Apr 27th – WOD

I had my last chemotherapy session on Wednesday, April 10th, after which the family and I headed to Lanzarote, Canaries for some much needed R&R and a bit of sun and warmth! It was a great week and I believe it gave the entire family a recharge and a good boost of energy!

We’re all back in Dublin now and I felt much more rested yesterday (the 27th) and decided to go to the gym with Denise and Riley. They did the crossfit workout while I did ‘my own thing’. My own thing is much less cardio (I can’t afford to waste the calories on cardio!). So a good “bro sess’ was in order. Chest, back, bi’s, tri’s … the whole upper body! It’s literally been almost five months since I’ve really worked out, so today I’m already ‘feeling it’ … the DOMs are starting to set in! Denise knows me so well, after telling her I was a bit sore this morning, she stated: ‘and you’re excited about that, aren’t you?’ … yup! She couldn’t be more right! I’m ready to start feeling active again. By tomorrow, I’ll be fully feeling it and I’m excited to get a leg day in within the next few days!