Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2018 – Back in the gym

Post surgery, finally feeling like I can move without being in pain and also have less digestive issues, so can eat a little more.

Doctor’s orders are that I’m not supposed to pick anything up over the weight of a gallon of milk or so … so nothing more than 5 or 10 lbs (22 kgs).  So my first workouts are pretty much bodyweight.

  • Walk at 3.2 mph on an incline for 20 minutes
  • Tabata (20:10), 7 rounds
    • Airsquats
    • Plank
    • Lunges
  • 4 Sets of bro lifting
    • Day 1
      • DB Curls
      • Tricep extensions
    • Day 2
      • Behind the neck barbell strict press (done very slowly, rehabbing torn rotator cuff, yay)
      • DB Rows
  • Elliptical (10-15 minutes)

This will be the plan for the week, will switch it up next week hopefully some slightly heavier stuff 😉

Sep 4-6, 2018 – Recovery

OK, squats was a bit too much with the PCT. The pain in my abdomen (which I assume was directly related to the bracing required for squats and deads) was through the roof. To the point that Monday night (the workout was Monday morning) I could barely walk home, and when I got home, I collapsed in bed and didn’t move until the next day. The next day (Tuesday the 4th) wasn’t too much better. Lots of Tylenol was required throughout the day and night. By Wednesday (the 5th) the pain had subsided enough that I was walking about without constantly wincing. Now it’s Thursday (the 6th) and I’m almost completely recovered.

In the meantime I have been in communications with MD Anderson and was told their “workout” means “cardio”, not weightlifting. It’s funny how many definitions of working out there are 😉 So … I’ve learned my lesson and will be doing a bit more cardio until this tube is removed from my abdomen.

Today’s workout (Sep 6, 2018):

  • Walk home from work … (I know, maybe I’m taking it ‘too easy’?)


Sep 3, 2018 – Squats and some back

Welp, today was definitely a bit frustrating as there is nothing more definite than a barbell to tell you how much weaker you’ve gotten over a single month.  Definitely made me a bit morose.  At the same time, I’m telling myself “at least I’m doing something to try and hold the tide back a bit”.

Squats today.  I don’t need my shoulders for these and my incision and tube from the PTC doesn’t really get in the way.

  • Highbar squats – 9×8
  • Sumo deadlift – 8×8
  • Seated calf raise – 5×8
  • Leg extensions – 4×12
  • Leg curl – 4×12
  • Ab crunch machine – 4×8

Sep 1, 2018 – some liftin’

So, after the docs reviewsr my shoulder MRI, it looks like I’ve torn my left rotator cuff.  So, nothing like a few adversities to make things interesting!

Today I did a little bit of lifting to keep things interesting, but couldn’t do my normal routine due to the shoulders.  Also found out I’m super weak as well 🙁 … Due to the extreme inactivity and weight (muscle) loss.  Ugh.

  • 8×10 bench press
  • 4×12 assisted pull ups
  • 4×8 dumbbell rows
  • 4×12 dumbbell curls
  • 4×12 tricep push downs
  • 5×8 barbell shrugs
  • 4×10 butterfly machine
  • 8 round tabata on assault bike

Aug 26, 2018 – RIP quads – walk and yoga

Having done absolutely NOTHING exercise wise for the past month has proven itself painful while executing even the simplest of routines! My quads are dead from the air squats these past few days. This morning’s workout was a ‘recovery’ workout for sure.

Walk 5K
30 minutes of ROM Yoga (Thank you Amazon Prime!)

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Aug 23, 2019 – Walking and Air Squats

After having my PTC capped (and drainage bag removed) on Tuesday (21st) of this week, I have felt better and better. I’ve already gained back 7-8 lbs! Today I was told by one of the doctors that I should continue exercising … I didn’t think much of it (as I haven’t been exercising for over a month now). Then I spoke with Denise a bit later and she got on to me as well. So, this evening was the first ‘workout’ I’ve done in over a month.

1.5KM fast walk
50 air squats
1.5KM fast walk
50 air squats


(yeah, that’s a play on CrossFit)

I decided that I would start tracking my workouts during a very trying time for two reasons.

  1. To make myself accountable for my own fitness and health as I have a hunch that there will be many other ‘competing’ priorities in the near future.
  2. To share with others that are interested in what they may be capable of before, during and after the same types of treatment that I’ll be executing.

Stay Healthy Everyone!