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Surgery postponed

Aug 29, 2018

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Latest news is the surgery is postponed to Sept 11th. No concerns, just a scheduling conflict and Operating Room availability for a morning slot. Since this is an 8+ hour procedure the doc wants to start in the AM. Jay has successfully completed all the pre-op appts and tests today which will still be good until the 11th.
As far as the diagnosis is concerned the doc is leaning more towards this being bile duct cancer, than pancreas cancer. However, we will not have a definite point of origin until the resection is done and the removed tissue is sent to pathology. Part one of surgery is a laparoscopy to make sure the cancer has not spread to other areas. If they can confirm it has not spread, the doc proceeds to do the resection. If they see that it has spread, the doc will not do the resection at that point and opt for other treatment. There currently is no reason to believe that it has spread however, this is just standard procedure.
So, in light of the delay, we are headed back to Ireland. It makes more sense for us to be with the kids and get back to "normal" for a week or so. This also allows us to spend some time with Emma Shubzda, who has generously agreed to come to Ireland and help us out with the kids for a few weeks. We'll head back to Texas a few days before surgery. 
Overall his health is good; blood tests/markers are all stable and his bilirubin is even down to 1.1 (from above 5.0). This is all positive and he's even being encouraged to get back to exercising if he feels well enough to do so. 
We are overwhelmed and grateful for the many messages, prayers, positive thoughts, etc. Receiving heart-felt support, encouragement, and well wishes from so many people is extremely touching and appreciated. We love and thank you family and friends! 
Shout out to Doran's donating their valuable time to help out as well as our Ireland family Gaz (Kilo too) and Peter for helping us out with the kids for a few days, <3 you guys!