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Surgery complete

Sep 12, 2018

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First, a huge thank you to all the folks that reached out to wish us well and sent prayers. Emails, phone calls, and texts where flying in all day and each one appreciated. Thanks for the love people!!
Jay was in surgery for a little over 7 hours. During that time we received updates approximately every 2 hours. (MD Anderson rocks with communication!) Before starting the actual procedure they did an exploratory laparoscopy to make sure the cancer had not spread to other areas. The first update was great news, they did not see any indication that it spread, which meant they were a go for the Whipple procedure. Approximately 2 hours later the update was the gallbladder was successfully removed and things were going smoothly. Another sigh of relief! Next update was even better, the doctor removed the tumor. The specimen was on the way to pathology. Last update, but not least, Dr. Katz would be out to talk to us shortly. 
Dr. Katz came to talk to us a short while later and said things could not have gone any better. He was able to remove any and all areas he considered to be questionable. A member of his medical team, Dr. Emily, stopped by and let us know that reconstruction of the main portal vein was not necessary. The tumor was not attached to the vein as they thought, it was actually sitting behind the vein. This lowered the risks and reduced the length of surgery, which is always a plus. 
Starting tomorrow, he'll be sitting up and walking. They waste no time in getting him moving which reduces the concern for blood clots and "wakes up" the digestive system to start working and healing. If all goes as planned he'll be in the hospital for 5-6 days. 
It takes about a week or so for pathology to come back with where the epicenter of the cancer started. This is information needed to determine the most effective treatment plan. As of now, we understand that to be chemotherapy, but we'll meet with the endocrinologist. 
I paced the halls waiting for information or processing the information I had just received. Attempted to have conversations with family and loved ones to pass the time. Thought about how to tell our kids good or bad news. Thought all I have to do is think really positive and it will all be ok. All the time, quietly begging to not lose my husband, best friend, and the man I am not ready to live without. This was probably one of the worst and yet best days of my life. FUCK CANCER - TEAM COLSON IS WINNING!