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first day after chemo

Nov 3, 2018

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So this is Saturday, the day after my first chemo (FOLFIRINOX) treatment.  I’ve still got the pump on and will have it until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon when I go back to the hospital to get it unhooked.
The pump is administrating the Fluorouracil 2400 mg/m^2.
I was physically wiped out yesterday evening.  Passed out and didn’t awake until almost 8am (I normally get up around 5:30am on any given day).
This morning I felt decent, way better than I expected.  I actually got to the gym (nothing crazy).  It is now 5pm and for the past couple of hours I’ve been getting progressively more nauseas … however, that could be my standard nausea that I have been working through with the whipple procedure.
I didn’t take my pantium or dexamethasone until around 4pm.
I was pretty concerned about the oxaliplatin’s (folfirinox cocktail drug) “cold touch” side effect, as winter is kicking in and everything I touch seems to be cold!  I have noticed a slight increase in sensation on touching cold things, but nothing shocking or painful, which is fantastic.  I have noticed that upon starting to eat that my jaw ‘locks up’ in a type of ‘sweet/sour’ pain that you would get from eating something extremely sweet and/or sour.  Seems to be worse for cold/cool food/drink.
I don’t seem to be allergic to any of the drugs yet, which is fantastic!  Any “small wonders” right now are welcome.
My mouth was definitely on the “drier” side the entire day … I know I haven’t hydrated enough either.  Something to keep an eye on.
I definitely feel a bit “loopy” or “scattered” today.  It’s not as easy to concentrate on tasks that have multiple steps it seems (debugging a network VPN issue, helping my daughter with her website, etc, etc).
So far, so good!
Peace and Love all you wonderful people!
And here’s some clipart for the day 🙂  My attempt at humor, and should be appreciated here in Ireland at least!