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3rd chemotherapy round down

Dec 9, 2018

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Not too much craziness has transpired over the last two weeks.
My wonderfully thoughtful friends, colleagues and families from Crossfit Threefold and Synchronoss participated in the Purple Stride in NJ on my behalf.  Such a humbling and lovely experience.  The team ended up raising enough money to get a ’third place’ 'Passion Team’ placing!

Probably one of the more interesting items: I’ve lost my hair.  A couple of days after my second chemotherapy treatment I started noticing lots of hair on my pillow each morning, as well as extra hair in my hands after washing my hair.  Riley went to the gym with me on Saturday (December 1st) and afterwards we stopped by the barber so the lads at Grafton Barber could use the clippers on me!  She wanted to follow suite and do the same, but I convinced her to hold off on that one :-)  Loosing my hair was something that I was expecting at some point, although it would have been nice if it could’ve held out a little further into winter (head gets cold quick now, HA!).

My last chemotherapy session was at St. Vincent’s on Wednesday (December 5th). I’ve had a bit less “chemo brain” this weekend than the last two sessions, this is great news!  I believe it’s primarily contributed to my Angel (Denise) keeping me hydrated and full of calories.  I hear “drink”, “eat” more now than I’ve ever heard 🙂
As your fitness, I’m definitely not back to working out on any type of dependable schedule, but I do get to the gym when I feel as though it won’t negatively affect my energy levels later in the day.  That equates (unfortunately) to about 3-4 times to the gym every two weeks.  I have been continuing to walk at least 2-5km every day; so at least that’s something.
My weight has steadily dropped since all of this began.  I’m actually down to about 75 KG from around 91 KG.  I think I’ve stabilized at this point, it’s incredibly hard to get enough calories in especially when I’m not as active either.  It is important, however, that I keep my weight up, otherwise it affects the quantity of the chemotherapy drugs that are used.
This was a great weekend!  We got the Christmas tree up, lit and decorated!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to all you amazing people!

Peace & Love,Jay & Denise