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halfway (actually a little further) CT scans

Feb 23, 2019

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February 13th was my eight chemotherapy infusion.  Four more to go.  I can do anything four times.  We’re crossing our fingers that the folfirinox will do the job and that will be the end of chemo.  🤞
Denise, Connor, Riley and myself flew to Houston this past week in order to get another CT scan and meet with Dr. Katz to review it and the CT scan that I had in Dublin (I had uploaded it to their CT scan importer the previous week).
The good news:  No Evidence of Disease (NED) — after reviewing both CT scans, Dr. Katz has concluded that there is no evidence of any additional cancer growth.  This, of course, doesn’t mean that there is definitely no cancer growth, but it DOES mean that there is nothing that he can ‘see’ (no visible tumors, etc).  I’ll go back in May (after my final chemotherapy treatment) for another CT scan and review.
🎉  WOOHOO!   🎉
We stayed with my wonderful parents again and got some great visit time in.  We actually made it to iFly (indoor skydiving) and I think Louise and my mom both committed to doing it with us next time!  😜  Denise’s parents flew to Houston to see all of us as well.  It was a wonderful visit.  We were lucky enough to have lunch with Uncle Ray and Aunt Bonnie at Bodegas!  (and great Mexican food was had!).
Will keep it short and sweet this time.
Peace and Love to all you beautiful people!Jay Colson