git configuration for displaying gpg and signed-off-by trailers in log output

A "pretty" custom git log format that includes info on gpg and "signed-off-by"

Jul 23, 2020

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git log format

I like to be able to see ‘Signed-off-by’ trailers as well as gpg signatures in my git log output. I spent a little bit of time and came up with the below alias.

Add it to your ~/.gitconfig and you’ll have the formatted output above for any git lg that you run in a git repo’s directory. The output is:

tree git hash when committed committer name Signed-off-by trailer ... gpg trusted/untrusted/not signed/etc gpg signature key commit message refspec(tags/branches/etc)

    lg = log --color --graph --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset %Cgreen(%<(6,trunc)%cr) %C(bold blue)%<(14,trunc)%an %Creset%Cblue%<(3,trunc)%(trailers:key=Signed-off-by,separator=%x2C)%Creset%Cred%Cblue%G?%Cred%<(16,trunc)%GK%Creset %s%C(yellow)%d' --abbrev-commit --branches