Technology and Fitness Passion

This is some random links to opensource and “leisure time” software development stuff that I write. Everything from Java, Android, shell scripting, Objective C, Swift, Python and PHP.

Miscellaneous Development

Geoloc - microservice

Geoloc - Golang - Microservice for returning the reverse geocode information for a Point. This service is deployable as a docker container and by default uses the geojson data from Who’s On First. This was written as a proof of concept.

Helpful Shell Scripts

Helpful Shell Scripts - Bash(mostly) - This repo just has a few helpful bash scripts such as a script that geo-locates you and updates your slack status based on location. There’s a script that displays color-coded timezone information in your terminal. A script that helps you test bandwidth between two machines. etc, etc ….


iloss-ical-gen - PHP - The purpose of the application is to provide an ICS calendar of projected weight loss. The user can recreate the calendar anytime by visiting the page to get a new url or just manipulating the url parameters to values of his/her choosing. Use it here.

Exchange Rate Alfred workflow

Exchange Rate Alfred workflow - Python - This workflow enables you to check exchange rates in Alfred (Mac automation tool) quickly by keying in: “exr” in the Alfred window.

Exchange Rate Alfred workflow

IP Address Information Alfred workflow

IP Address Information Alfred workflow - /bin/sh - Use this to see your local IP address information as well as your internet facing address via Alfred.

IP Address Information Alfred workflow


Jnetlib - Java - Cisco TACACs implementation in Java from many moons ago.

Crossfit Threefold

Garmin Watch App - Monkey C

Android Play Watch App - Java

Crossfit 353

The Crossfit 353 Garmin Watch Application displays the workout of the day (WOD) from Crossfit 353’s schedule. Garmin Watch App - Monkey C

The Crossfit 353 Alexa skill enables an Alexa device to respond to questions in regards to Crossfit 353’s WOD. Alexa Skill

Checkout the video if it in action here.

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